Day 2 supplementary (2018.06.04)

These two gentlemen you see were part of the group driven by another fellow dharma brother from a subway pick up.

It was amazing how related we are at the stages of our lives.

One of us is in between jobs (and I am every summer while I am not teaching), while another is going through a career change to go back into the arts (ditto). One mentors youth while our driver helps young entrepreneurs off the ground (which I do as a college prof of a undergrad and a post grad program). We are at different stages of meditation that makes conversation and questions flow.

It felt like we knew each other from before – and probably true as I accept reincarnation as a possibility.

I have been blessed by meeting and being around wonderful people throughout my life. The vipassana practice helps make these connection clearer as to why. The appreciation of life flows when one feels connected.

May you all be sharing each day with wonderful people!

Morning: 1 — Evening: 0.75

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