Day 4 supplementary (2018.06.06)

This beautiful Burmese bell is the latest addition to the meditation centre. A carpenter husband and a glass maker wife donated their time and effort in making this structure to house the bell brought from Burma. The stained glass floor has 24 lines, each representing something significant that slipped my mind (if anyone know, please enlighten me!) A small bench allows walker-by to rest in the bell’s shadow.

It was interesting to hear that this creation is a temporary substitute for a big pagoda that currently the centre couldn’t financially execute responsibly. In the consumer world of easy credit, the temptation is to go big – with no thought of ever going home.

Yet by willing to scale back, one opens up much needed space, time, wealth, and health. It keeps one’s goals realistic, his action practical, and his needs satisfied.

This scaling back can benefit others as well; from freeing up resources, to sharing these as gifts without imposing guilt or comparison onto others.

What things can you do ‘smaller’ today that will benefit you and others? I am going to spend much less on my wants this month – that’s will be interesting to see!

Morning: 1 — Evening: 0.5

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