Day 6 + 7 weekend (2018.06.08-09)

The weekend. Often I would have a different schedule. I would stay up late Friday night, then sleep in Saturday. Rushing through the family duties and cooking lunch for the week, it would be late evening – and I felt my weekend had barely started while staring at Sunday. So I would stay up again to catch up.

It never felt there was enough free time.

Taking advantage of a stay-in Friday night, I was able to get my sleep and meditation in at the regular hours on both weekend days.

The change was clear – my night time routine is where I can vastly improve.

I felt I had lots of time both weekend days, and got much more done, simply by maintaining my new weekday schedule. I didn’t fear missing out on my free time because I shifted it into the morning, instead of mindlessly seeking entertainment at night when I am less discerning and aware of my time.

Buddha has said helping yourself before you can truly help others. The advice works within the confines of a day too – once I did what I needed to early in the morning (meditation; then added another task/want), my mind feels accomplished and was happy to help out around the house. Many self-improvement experts mentions the same thing. I can see why.

If you are like me, and don’t want to fight will power waning as the day goes on, see if sleeping early and doing one task you need to before anything disturb you in the morning helps. Feeling accomplished each day has help me plan more boldly too – like maintaining a blog for a year!

Morning: 1 — Evening: 1
Morning: 1 — Evening: 0.75

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