From Poor to Rich

This is something I wrote in Jan, 2019. It started as a note to remember how to simplify life. It turned into a letter to myself.

I thought to share it – hope you find something useful in here.

– Mark

1. Health

2. > Take care of the body

3. > > Sleep early

4. >>> do it again next night

Start with taking care of your body (sleep, eat, exercise). Then finding something that interests you to do (doesn’t have to make money). Then practice stillness for your mind – and remove distraction from view. Then believe in something good (faith in something wholesome). Lastly, share what you love with people who are interested in you – and not look for approval or validation.

You do this everyday. At set times.

Writing it down like this:

I will (sleep) on (my bed) at (10pm).

Attach these to good things you do everyday already – you like a bath everyday, then set that before you brush your teeth and go to bed. Together, that’s a routine you won’t break, because it feels good.

As you progress, your life would be so interesting that people can’t help but to ask you questions – because they want that in their lives too. You naturally would attract people – you look healthy, feel confident, do interesting things, and are genuine.

That’s all. The work is hard, and many people want tricks and shortcuts. Many do it to get approval or validation. This method works best for those who want to work on themselves. If you have the want, that’s enough.

Do the steps. You won’t get external help in the beginning, and no one would validate you more because you do this. As you do this, you realize external approval is a distraction for this self-work. You do it because it helps you. The others have no horse because it is not a race.

Then you would realize internal validation is a distraction too – this is simply good work, to return you to who you are – your essence of being. Expressing what you are contributes so much to this world – because most people spent lifetimes expressing what others want. They bury their gifts, on this one unique chance they have, and we may never experience the joy of that gift being shared.

I learnt this from you, Mark. My memory of this shows you know this – internalized, always ready.

And I believe you would live like this. Because you did. Because you will.



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